A Transformational Journey:

How To Create Joy After Infertility



Tam Greaves

An excellent read!!

Rosemary talks about her struggles of loss and grieving whilst providing help to others facing similar issues.

I found the Clarity Sessions very helpful and highly recommend this book to anyone experiencing grief or loss.

Thank you Rosemary.

Tam Greaves
Lani East

Honouring grief and finding joy.

Through this honest account of her struggle with infertility, Rosemary offers companionship and hope to those who are experiencing the grief of lost dreams. She doesn't shy away from the hard stuff. Nor does she pretend that her longing for children can just be switched off.

She pays tribute to her husband and recognises his different ways of processing their experiences.

Rosemary's training as an intuitive counsellor is evident in the 'Clarity Sessions' which follow each chapter and outline ways a person can connect with their own inner wisdom to find healing and joy.

Although clearly written for those whose dream to be parents is unfulfilled, Rosemary's first person account may help others to begin to appreciate, in part, the depth of grief experienced by those who do not choose to be child-free.

Lani East
Rick Pursell

Rosemary's Baby

In this extraordinarily valuable book, the author takes us on her Hero’s Journey, or more correctly, the Heroine’s Journey, from her head to her heart.

And what a journey it is!

This path took Rosemary to her own personal hell and back, to emerge a truly empowered woman.

Enduring and countenancing her pain of being unable to conceive, Rosemary faced her vulnerability, unfulfilled expectations and despair, to show us there is something to gain from every experience, no matter how “bad” it may appear at the time.

This book is Rosemary’s Baby. This is her gift to women and men alike.

For all women who struggle with conceiving and infertility, this life story demonstrates how to rise above fear, to live a richly fulfilling life.

And to us men, who cannot begin to fathom what it is like to experience that strong “pull” to giving birth to our own child, to have our expectations shattered time and time again and the resultant unbearable, unfulfilled joy, this is a manual for greater understanding and support for our loved ones.

Finding a way to acceptance, Rosemary has birthed a truly valuable insight into overcoming the odds, in a most enviable way.

Rick Pursell
TEDx Speaker, Author, Coach
Testimonials for My Last BFN


  • A Personal Journey

    At the end of 2016, Rosemary Davey and her husband made the choice to give up on their dream of having children. This book is, in part, Rosemary’s raw and honest journey through the stages of grief.

  • A Transformational Journey

    As Rosemary is an Intuitive Counsellor, she has the ability to use her skills to allow the readers to go through the processes that she used to transform her grief. The clarity sessions will assist anyone going through the pain and heartache of giving up a dream.

  • Leave A Review

    “My Last BFN” is a book that will assist in many women’s journey as they leave the roller coaster of infertility and figure out what is next. The more people who review the book, the more it will have an impact on these beautiful women and their lives.

  • Share, Share, Share

    When “My Last BFN” is officially launched, after you write your review, please share, share, share the link to Please be gentle when sharing directly with someone who is or has been struggling with infertility as they may be struggling to come to terms with what is happening for them.

The trick is that I can't give up in order to receive what I want. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. I need to get to the point where I have completely given up and it would be a lot easier if my husband and other well meaning friends didn't keep saying that it could still happen.

My Last BFN
Rosemary de Vos - Intuitive Counsellor


A Transformational Journey

"My Last BFN" by Rosemary de Vos is more than a story of a broken dream, it's a step by step process that will take would be mothers through a journey of healing.


  • You Are Not Alone

    There are support and forums for women who are on the infertility roller coaster, yet not so much after they leave. For all those women… Just know, I see you and you are not alone!

  • This Too Shall Pass

    It doesn’t feel like it when you’re grieving. When you’re in the pain and hurt. This book will allow women to have a lifeline to something beyond the struggle, a purpose for their life will come to them, give them a reason to live and a sense of fulfilment.

  • Transformation

    Step by step processes in the form of Clarity Sessions will help women find a way to open up to new possibilities. To go beyond the grief, pain and hurt they feel when they give up their dream of having a baby.

  • Reaching Out

    If you have not gone through this, it may give you an understanding of what a loved one is struggling with and know that it takes time to go through the stages of grief. It’s tough, it’s painful and it can be really hard to talk about. Know this and let your loved one know that you are there for them if they ever need you.

Setting boundaries is really important when you are healing... A boundary is not an energetic wall or barrier preventing someone to get to you. It is a word that relates to building your inner strength muscle.

My Last BFN
Rosemary de Vos - Intuitive Counsellor


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